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Nonviolent Play

Inspired rather than put-upon themes,
(unless commissioned or work is pre-existing).

Collaborations welcomed; competitions... superfluous.

Foreign language, yes. Computer language, yes.

JK Thorsen is a full-time artist. She has her own style. Often working in-the-moment, her art sometimes reveals experiences, "nature" and the "stories of others", while her ecological focus continues to influence her options.

Thorsen has worked in - and in support of - art and design from an early age, continued while studying in California and throughout her life. Not aspiring to hand-outs or hand-ups, her commercial work - combined with luck and continued production - has allowed her to take responsibility for her non-commercial art. From a creative background, she also studied-with and worked alongside Martha Hazard Wagner and Dan Boylan.

Thorsen donates artistic time and supplies to those who are without.
Annually, she teaches at UNMC's Weigel Williamson Low Vision Center. She has provided training and curriculum for Omaha's
Joslyn Art Museum's Education Department. 

Whether producing on-site, or in her unheated workshop, risk and growth remain with production and relationships. 

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Point Sal, CA